Young pitcher throwing cornhole on branded Tracy Express cornhole game.
Getting warmed up for opening day the fun way!

“Wow, I haven’t been out here before, this is awesome!”

“Why doesn’t Express play here all year round?”

“We get to play here? Can I sign up for 12u in the spring? I want to play 12u here!”

These were among the many exclamations I heard this morning at the opening day for Tracy Express Fall 2019. Also – ‘is the snack shack opening, because the express newsletter told us to ‘come for the ball, and stay for the snack shack!’

Yes ma’am the snack shack was open. I had the nachos with cheese – mmm.

Legacy Fields
Just look at those pristine fields.
Kona Krushers team photo
14u Kona Krushers getting ready to put their opponent on ice!

Granted, it was just a little bit windy… but a great time was had by all. Thank you to all the parents, coaches, volunteers and staff that make this day happen!

A few notes:

  • No shelled seeds to shelled nuts at Legacy fields
  • No metal cleats at Legacy Fields
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