Has your daughter ever ‘played up?’ If done for the right reasons, in a properly constructed league, it is a pretty cool thing. It basically means she is dramatically exceeding expectations, and to get the sort of competition she needs to keep growing, she needs to play above her division.

My daughter played up to 14 when she was 12, and it was fantastic. She had the support of some excellent coaches in Mike Schaller and Joe Delgado, and her body and spirit were both ready for the leap. The older girls on her team didn’t suffer from the experience, she fit right in and helped them get the reps they needed. It all added up to a great experience. That is positive math! She is now poised to play up again to 16u at age 13.

“With your help. we will grow this league!”

While our journey upwards was an intentional, carefully thought out move, the math doesn’t always work out that way. Especially in the Fall, we have been challenged to enroll enough players to have proper division breakdowns from T-Ball, 6u, 8u, 10u, 12u and 14u. when enrollments are down 10u, 12u and 14u get sloshed together as 11u and 14u. That means that 12 year olds, regardless of skill and experience, are playing up at 14u, and girls as young as 8 are playing in 11u ball. This is bad math!

We want our Express families to know that the Express Board has a laser like focus this year in having proper divisions all the way up the ladder for 2020, both for Spring ball and for next Fall. We feel that with our technology and communications footprint vastly improved, and our ongoing quest for a ‘permanent, professional’ caliber location to play, we are ready to grow this league!

We want you to know our commitment to this issue, and also to ask your help spreading the word. Know a rec or travel ball player that has gravitated away from Express due to these issues? Lend a hand and give them a heads up. If I tell two girls, and they tell two girls…well, before you know it, we are doing serious math.

Tracy Express All Stars 12u
Tracy Express All Star 12u team – look at those smiles – it is ALL adding up here!

Signed, Tracy Express Board of Directors
“With your help. we will grow this league!”