Tracy Express is a non-profit organization. We depend on your sponsorships to help provide the best possible experience for our players. In the process, we would like to think we provide serious value in return.

With our new blog, newsletter, and primary website, we are much better positioned to showcase our sponsors. Please don’t send us tiny graphics to represent your business – we want to deploy big, beautiful banners to highlight the value you bring!

Have a promotion you want us to help cross market? Sponsors can just email tech@tracyexpress.com and we will work you into a blog post and our newsletter, in addition to all the exposure we already provide.

So, are you ready to be a sponsor? Just step up to the plate!

Way to get a hit kid – good hustle running all the way through the bag. You are now a:

Single Sponsor – $250
Still impressed with that hustle kid. Your single sponsorship now includes:
* Business name on team’s shirts/jerseys and team banner.
* Business logo and information listed on the sponsor page of the league website.
* Announcement of your business’ name at Opening Day Ceremonies.
* Sponsorship plaque, w/ team photo.
* Trade booth for Opening Day.

Whoa there kid, I see you eyeing second base. Wait. Is she, can she? She is! She is stretching that sponsorship into a double!

Double Sponsor – $500
Way to make an impact and get the most out of your sponsorshop kid! As a double sponsor, you get all the sponsor benefits from that single, and also;
* Trade booth during Tournament of Championship series.

Back up again? Ok, what you got now? Wow – nice line drive to the opposite field. You are into third with a standup triple!

Triple Sponsor – $1000
Did you see the speed on that kid! What a solid hit too – with that, you get everything you secured with your double, plus;
* Business logo and information prominently displayed on all the team’s sponsor pages in your sponsored age division.
* $100 given to sponsored team.
* Additional trade booth opportunities during the season.

You again? Girl JUST WON’T QUIT. Whoa – nice Jack, Jill!! You just hit a home run. All the parents are standing, craning their necks around from the next field to see the business that hit one out of the park for Express.

Home Run Sponsor – $1500
I can still hear the sound of the ball leaving the bat on that one kid. With your home run sponsorship, it’s like you hit for the cycle. You get it all, everything you got rounding all the bases, and;

* Team sponsorship for the fall ball season!

Tracy Express is as non-profit organization. We rely on our community corporate sponsors to help make the league viable. And we like to think we give a lot back! If you glance around our blog here, you can see how proud we are to showcase both our girls and our sponsors. Please consider being a sponsor. Email sponsorships@tracyexpress.com or complete the form below.

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