Good Morning Tracy Express Family. Following guidance from many levels for safe practices in dealing with this pandemic, the School District and the League have postponed operations effective immediately including games and practices.

Right now we do not have a time frame for restarting activities, but we do hope to complete our season when deemed appropriate. As conditions permit, we will work with coaches to reschedule as many missed games as possible to try to make our season whole.

We will reach back out soon with more information and updates as we receive them. Stay safe and we hope to see you all back on the fields.

We regret this drastic step, but the safety of our players, our coaches and the Tracy Express community are obviously our paramount concern.

Thank you – Tracy Express Board


Why are we postponing?

We had little choice, our field permits were suspended due to the Corona virus outbreak. Without fields, we cannot practice or play.

As you may know, the Novel Corona virus, which causes the Covid-19 infection, is now spreading within communities in California. While we do not know the rate of spread, simple math suggests it is in our community already. All experts agree that it is critical that we slow the growth of new cases using common sense practices, including social distancing.

Gatherings of groups of people, especially for athtletic events, is an ideal way to spread Corona virus. Our goal is to be a responsible community organization and do what we can to slow the spread of this virus and keep our community safe.

Why now?

We just received word that our field permits were suspended. Information on the virus, its spread, and best practices has been painfully slow in developing. A lack of test kits and fragmented information and guidance have made it difficult to make informed decisions. While we have no direct knowledge of any active cases within our community of the Express family, it is prudent for us at this time to follow the lead of other organizations as they pause to ensure safety and assess the situation.