Keep the game clean, safe & fun

While all parents, players and coaches should be familiar with both the Tracy Express rules of play, as well as with our Code of Conduct, we would like to remind everyone in plain language about the purpose behind these documents.

We want your daughters softball experience to be filled with positives; teamwork, effort & excellence, athleticism, sportsmanship. These are the things we strive for, but they require the proper environment to flourish.

When we, as parents, peers and coachesĀ  do not set the examples that our players need, we are failing them and violating our commitment to the league. So here is a list of behavior we see each year that we are asking for your help in curtailing!

Common Sense Rules – below is a list of issues we have each year which we hope to prevent.

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Common Documents

Tobacco and vaping products are prohibited. Help us to create a safe, positive environment for our girls by not engaging in these types of products on or around our fields or players during games or practices.


No parking on sidewalks, red zones, yellow striped areas, etc. This behavior violates our permit and can lead to consequences for the league.

Who doesn’t love dogs?! However, having dogs at or on our fields or swurrounding areas is prohibited. It is both a safety and a sanitary issue for our girls. Please keep your furry friends at home!
Coaches Timeliness & Cleanup – Coaches, please observe your stated field times. Please do not try to access fields prior to your access time, even if we are there unlocking. Similarly, please be completely off the fields at your designated practice finish time leving the field in appropriate condition.
Bikes, Scooters, etc. are not allowed on or around the fields. Please help us keep our athletes safe and our fields in playing condition by observing this restriction.

Help us make this the best express season yet!