We’ve all been there. You see your daughter go for it, rounding the bag, stretching for the next base, and the throw is coming. You know she won’t get there in time. Everyone can see she won’t beat the ball. She needs to get down, and try to beat that tag. Slide!

Sliding is an invaluable skill in softball. It is often ignored by coaches; the assumption is that girls will be able to slide when they need to. Big mistake! Sliding isn’t just ‘getting down,’ sliding is falling with style. There are multiple types of slide technique to use in different situations, from hook slides to pop-ups, and it is something that absolutely requires practice to perfect.

Good sliding won’t just get you extra bases… it will extend your softball career. Major injuries in softball happen when defensive and offensive players collide on bases. Learn to slide, and practice it every chance you get; coaches will reward you for it!

AASA Trainer Brianna Warner teaching proper sliding technique.

All that said, my daughter is not good at sliding. Never has been. She wasn’t that girl doing cartwheels and tumbling when she was younger, so something just got lost. She is quite tall for her age, very fast, and strong. She is just not that agile. Yet.

Enter her strength and agility coach, Brianna Warner. Over the past 9 months she has completely transformed my daughters physique.

“sliding is falling with style”

I chose Bri as my daughters strength and agility coach after watching how she works with girls in one of AASA’s 3D Defensive clinics.

It wasn’t a difficult decision. Precision and efficiency in movement is something I appreciate greatly, and when you watch Coach Bri you can tell immediately she does as well. Bri has charted out a long term program for us that focuses on helping get every last ounce of performance out of my daughters softball body. We train with her once a week, and the results have been amazing.

If you haven’t taken your daughter to a 3D clinic, you are missing out! Spanning 8 weeks, and now an extra 30 minutes long, it is one of the best workouts your girl will ever have. The three D’s are – Discipline -Speed &Power
Drills & Skills
Defensive strategies & softball I.Q. 
There are 3 more dates available in the Fall 3D program, on 10/16, 10/23 and 10/30.

Bri changed the way that my daughter approaches movement itself. Every motion is deliberate and purposeful. There is no wasted motion. And now, we are tackling sliding. I am very excited to watch the progress over the next couple of weeks, and to see my daughter start applying her new sliding technique in games.

Does your daughter know how to slide like a pro? Don’t ignore this aspect of the game… talk to your coach about sliding, or drop a line to the coaches at All American.