One of my favorite things about going to All American Sports Academy on Larch here in Tracy is seeing what is on the ‘big board’. From tips, to training opportunities, to info on college recruiting seasons – there is always something of interest. But this week the board took things to a new level!

This is worth highlighting! Former AASA athletes and training partners Ali Aguilar and Bubba Nickles are now Olympians!

Wow! So today’s surprise is that two former AASA players, Ali Aguilar and Bubba Nickles, who played on Bryan Merrida’s AASA team from 14u-18u, are now Olympians. The athletes have worked with Debbie at her Nike camps, and they still help AASA teams train at their Organizational training day.

After reading the board my daughter excitedly told me she had worked with Aguilar at her summer Nike camp! She was so inspired…

Debbie Nelson has a long history of working with top caliber athletes like Ali and Bubba. For years she ran her training jointly with Olympian Jenny Topping. When you look at the college commit lists on the walls you know the bar is set high at AASA – but now the organization is producing Olympians!

Which brings my eyes to ‘the wall’ at AASA. Another thing I never get tired of doing is looking at this wall of current and former trainees. If you have never been, please understand this photo does not do it justice.

Just a portion of ‘the wall’ at AASA

The photos of young players that the AASA staff have inspired stretch all around the Academy. I can always find a face I haven’t looked at yet, and wonder where their softball journey took them… Will some of those girls play in future Olympics? Will some of the players training behind me rise to that level?

FYI in writing this article I stumbled on this awesome writeup on Debbie.

Tracy Express is proud to partner with All American Sports Academy to bring advanced training opportunities to our Express players and coaching staff. This is the level of competition we want our training to inspire!

Congrats on your success ladies – and good luck in 2020; know that we will be watching!